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Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p

Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p

They were here firstJul. 11, 2019USA88 Min.R
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Crawl, Natural disasters can indeed put a lot of pressure on anyone. This happened in Florida. A great storm hit the city and devastated everything in it. It is not enough just natural disasters, fierce crocodiles also destroy all life there.

You can watch all of this directly in the film Crawl which will be shown in all theaters on July 10, 2019 in all Indonesian theaters. What is the synopsis for the film Crawl like? Here’s the premise of the story.

Synopsis Movie Crawl

Who can resist the presence of a natural disaster. In such a state, humans must be able to “befriend” with nature. This is what happened to Haley (Kaya Scodelario). He made peace with nature just to be able to meet his father.

Not quite there yet, Haley also ignored orders from the rescue team that prevented her from entering the dangerous area due to the storm. Continuously searching and trapped, Haley tries her best to save her father.

Unfortunately, at the same time Haley and her father found another reality. He encountered a wild predator. The alligators who were swaying along in the storm smelled the smell of blood that seemed to be strewn across Florida.

The situation got even more difficult when the water level started to rise. His father, against nature or save the father. Haley was really in a very precarious situation. Various pressures flow. Between courage and fear continued to flow through Haley’s veins.

Can Haley save her dad? Or, will it become a meal for hungry alligators? It’s interesting to wait for this film. What tense sensation will be presented between the predator and Haley. Or this film is just a game of hide-and-seek between humans who always want to survive when they are in a precarious situation with one of the fierce predators on earth.

The Crawl film will air starting July 10, 2019 in all Indonesian theaters. Check the show schedule and buy tickets to watch it on the website or the BookMyShow application, which is available free for Android and iOS users. When did you last watch a beast thriller? Finally we watched The Shallow (2016) and The Meg (2018). So this month United International Pictures Indonesia is bringing a film called Crawl to theaters. Let’s take a look at the review of the Crawl film from BookMyShow.

Crawl tells the story of a category 5 storm that occurs in the Florida area and everyone is busy evacuating. Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario), a swimmer tries to find his father, Dave (Barry Pepper) who cannot be reached.

Haley’s father lived in a flood prone area during the storm. Like it or not, Haley broke through the streets to pick up her father. Haley arrived at her old house, but still did not find her father.

But their dog Sugar finally finds Dave’s whereabouts, who turns out to be in the basement. Haley was curious and carried a flashlight down under the house and looked for her father.

Haley finds her father’s equipment and a radio playing the storm news. Finally Haley saw her fainted and wounded father. Haley felt something was watching her and it turned out that an alligator appeared.

His father was trying to fix a water channel that connected to the lake before the flash flood. Now the two of them took cover behind narrow pipes to keep the alligators from attacking.

The storm gets bigger and makes the basement submerged and the alligators swim faster. Will they be able to escape the storm and the alligators?

Crawl, Thriller That Makes Pain

The film Crawl opens with a throwback and family drama, in which Haley is failing her audition as a swimmer and her parents divorce. Animal thriller genre films, not many stories that can be explored other than family dramas. Likewise with the films The Shallow and The Meg.

But Kaya Scodelario manages to appear as fragile and ambitious as Haley. We previously saw her acting in the films The Maze Runner and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.

The actor Dave aka Barry Pepper also managed to make the film less serious. Even in a tense atmosphere, the conversation between Dave and Haley was quite funny and entertaining. One of them was when Dave told Haley to find the wet wall and Haley answered “All the walls are wet, dad!”.

The strength of this film is jumpscare, before alligators appear you will be surprised. So get ready to jump off the chair. Then we will be made sore with several scenes of bites, wounds, bones, and blood everywhere.

Not to mention that the unexpected alligator attack will shock you again and again. Even more fun before watching the film in the cinema, don’t watch the trailer. So that you get the maximum surprise.

For the appearance of the alligator in this film is quite satisfying. They look real and scary, even though in this film they are very hungry and savage. I don’t know how many prey they have to eat until they are full.

The film Crawl presents a thrilling and intense thriller from start to finish. Blended with unexpected jumpscares and gore scenes that make you ache, this film will both entertain and leave you breathless. Get ready to jump from the chair.

The film Crawl shows in theaters July 10, 2019. Order your cinema tickets at BookMyShow Indonesia or tap the banner below.

Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Crawl Watch And Stream Full Movie 1080p
Original title Crawl
IMDb Rating 6.2 60,869 votes
TMDb Rating 6.2 1,697 votes

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