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Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p

Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p

A comedy about a family that fights a little differently.Feb. 14, 2019UK108 Min.PG-13
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Fighting with My Family, No, I’m not biased because I’m a wrestling fan. But Fighting with My Family, produced by Stephen Merchant with The Rock and WWE Studios, is indeed good because it offers a truly touching family drama, from a world that not everyone knows.

Pro-wrestling is still one of the entertainment media that is often underestimated. Maybe even taboo in Indonesia, which prohibits broadcasting since the case of a child died mimicking smekdon scenes. So I understand why films about wrestler family life like this are not shown in our cinemas. Who still watches wrestling these days? Films are actually very self-aware. This question is really illustrated by this film in a hilarious scene when the wrestler’s family has dinner with their child’s girlfriend’s family.

Even among wrestling fans, Fighting with My Family was initially noticed. Why did Paige make the biography instead, why not Stone Cold, or Undertaker, John Cena, or The Rock as well? I believe everyone has a story, and every story deserves to be filmed. As long as the story is genuine, yes, it’s not a life story made up like someone who has an incarnation or can see a devil. Too fast? I don’t think so, because Paige’s influence in WWE itself is quite large; She is the youngest female champion in history (age 21 years),

she sparked the Women’s Revolution movement which made the position of female wrestlers better and more significant, she was nominated for Unyu op the Year My Dirt Sheet FOUR, and unfortunately now Paige has hung up her boots; he can no longer wrestle because of the injuries he collected as a side effect of wrestling since childhood. That’s why time is no longer a problem, if Paige’s story and her family aren’t a unique group, then I don’t know what the unique meaning is anymore.

Fighting with My Family

When little Paige fought over the tv remote with his brother, their father did not intervene but instead corrected their arguments. Paige’s family does live off the wrestling business, his father is a local legend in their town in Norwich, England. So is his mother; Paige’s real name, Saraya, is actually the mother’s alias in the wrestling ring. What kind of parents hahaha… This family manages the promotion of independent wrestling,

Paige has been plunged into this world from a young age, and that’s how her love for wrestling has grown. Paige does wrestling with his brother, they train the kids around there, they do shows in the hall. Paige and her brother, Zack, want to fulfill their dream of becoming wrestlers as great as The Rock.

So they signed up for a try-out at WWE, a company that is already like Hollywood in wrestling-entertainment. They got summoned. However, only Paige was actually accepted to appear on WWE events. I didn’t realize it back then, but now, I’m proud to have watched Paige live wrestling

The heart and soul of this film lies in the relationship between Paige and her brother. Their motivation is both great. The film manages to emphasize the close relationship between the two characters. They are almost inseparable. Practice together. Compete together. They are the biggest in the ring, but backstage, they are the best of friends. It’s not easy living with a job that most people underestimate.

For the Paige family, fighting in the ring is actually their struggle in the real world. And Paige’s relationship with Zack, her brother, reflects how this one-family relationship is as a whole. The story set-up really got us invested. The family eventually became the stake in the story; Zack must support his wife and children,

just as Paige must be successful to help his family. Hence, when the dream of these two figures does not go according to plan, the conflict that follows feels strong in those of us who see that there is a gap between them. And that estrangement feels even further from the distance created between Paige having to move to America, where WWE is based, and his brother in England.

Stories wisely do not just make jealousy a fire of conflict. In fact, her jealousy felt very complex. Imagine two people who support and help each other because they both want the same thing, but only one can get it. Paige loses her fighting spirit at WWE’s physically demanding training, while her brother battles the jealousy by trying to believe he wasn’t chosen because his younger brother is better than him.

For Zack, of course it was very bitter. The success script has heavily paralleled these two figures, we see them taking a sharp derivative in life. Paige and Zack’s writing is a brilliant example of what is called the CHARACTER VALUE CONFLICT. According to John Truby in his book, The Anatomy of Story, this interesting conflict can occur by establishing the same goals for the characters to achieve,

but for the characters to have different ways or views to achieve them. Paige and Zack have the same goal; successful as pro-wrestlers, they were wounded by the same wounds when they were apart. which causes them to create different “lies”. Resulting in tremendous conflict felt in our hearts. Paige’s lie – the false truth she believes – is that she couldn’t be successful without her brother. Meanwhile, Zack’s lie is that he is nothing because he is not able to be accepted in WWE.

These two needs to work things out. They have to clash with each other so that they see beyond the personal lies that they each create. And the moment when they clash at the end of the second half is the greatest moment in this film. We all know wrestling doesn’t really hit the opponent. The film uses this to initiate a moment of clash between the two characters.

Paige and Zack compete again and what Zack did will make us hate and sad to see him at the same time. The perfect start to the finish that followed. I really did not expect to be presented with a family scene, brother and sister, so heartfelt in a film about wrestlers!

Anyone who feels himself human, must have wanted something, so intense you think you’d die without it. I suppose this is what director Stephen Merchant is trying to convey. That everyone wants the same things as us. Want to ‘win’. But that doesn’t mean it makes the world a competition ring. Because like in wrestling, when you lose, you make other people look great, doesn’t mean you are less important. We are all winners by default, it is up to us to show how much we win, even in defeat.

Another unique thing that we can get from a film that actually has a standard formula for the story of the person who ends up “champion” is that we can get deeper knowledge of how WWE works. Hearing the WWE’s excuse in the story about why Zack was not chosen really opened my eyes. That each of us has a role in accordance with who we really are. The film also managed to make WWE look less hypocritical.

The story does not escape the fact that this company is not what it used to be, that of course they are concerned with brand-image. They hire some of the talents only from looks and curves. But they all have reasons related to the theme “everyone wants to win in their life struggles”.

And to believe that one struggle is more insignificant than the other is misguided. Paige learned this invaluable lesson through colleagues in arms whom he had previously underestimated. just 26 and there’s been a movie about his success in life, me?

With the watchful eye of The Rock, the script for the film did well, without compromising on its writing value and structure. There are quite a number of alterations that the script has made to the original events,

which will be soft food for wrestling fans’ nitpicks. But I didn’t have time to nitpick when I was busy laughing at the lines and acting performances that were hilarious. The cute Paige family is going too far.

Nick Frost is really good at playing Ricky Knight, Paige’s dad who is pretty ‘bar-bar’ but fair and really loves his family. When Frost said wrestling dialogue was religion, their savior, I believed. It’s like real Ricky said it. Almost any scene that has Ricky, we’re going to laugh. Vince Vaughn also appears in the film, as Paige’s trainer at WWE.

He is also funny. His role will remind us a little bit when he was a sergeant at Hacksaw Ridge (2016), although here it is a little more ‘pg-13’. The Rock is a small portion, but enough to steal the show. Even though he is not in the same frame as many of his co-stars, his interactions with Vaughn’s character are so minimal that they even seem awkward, but they are never a big problem.

My praise goes especially to Florence Pugh who plays Paige. Umm, correct, to be precise as Saraya Knight, because Paige is the character Saraya “played” in the WWE ring, and this film is more about Saraya’s personality who has to play Paige. There were many emotions Pugh had to deal with. There is a fish out of water element.

When Saraya arrived in America, she had to adjust to WWE’s work discipline, as well as the social life there. The person actually has to wrestle, which means there is physical effort too.

The film actually repeats Paige’s television debut as the finale of Saraya’s journey. For those who already know the history, who watched Paige’s original debut match against AJ Lee on TV, the final sequence of this film might feel a little rushed. Paige’s intelligence feels choppy, not so dominant. This scene can also appear to be a futile attempt to dramatize a WWE match where everyone knows the outcome has already been determined.

But I think these are all creative choices film makes. Because the sequence was not to show Paige’s way to be a champion defeating AJ Lee, but to show Saraya finally succeeded in defeating the personal lies she believed in, she slammed her stage fright out loud, Fighting with My Family at that moment Saraya already believed she was chosen to hold the belt not because of her brother who make him look better.

Borrowing his catchphrase The Rock; “It doesn’t matter” whether you are a fan of wrestling or not. This film was made for everyone. Because we are the main characters in each other’s life stories. We have desires. We must learn to understand what we need to achieve that desire. And also, we also have a family.

This film, which is based on the family documentary Knight The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family (2012), is not special in terms of direction, it is a crowdpleaser film with the same formula as boxing films or films about competition. But the appearance and the script worked out extraordinarily well. It is really inspiring.

The family drama and conflicts will be very touching. And who knows, you will be interested in the world of wrestling after watching this film. Because as I always say in wrestling category reviews, wrestling is just like a movie. Only use spandex.

The Palace of Wisdom gives 7.5 gold stars out of 10 for FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY.

That’s all we have for now.

What do you think about wrestling? Do you agree with the words of this film that some humans are created as stars, some are not, and we shouldn’t fight to leave our share?

Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Fighting with My Family Watch Full Movie 1080p
Original title Fighting with My Family
IMDb Rating 7.1 62,042 votes
TMDb Rating 6.7 879 votes



Florence Pugh isSaraya
Saraya "Paige" Knight
Lena Headey isJulia
Julia "Sweet Saraya" Knight
Nick Frost isPatrick
Patrick "Rowdy Ricky" Knight
Vince Vaughn isHutch Morgan
Hutch Morgan
Jack Lowden isZak
Zak "Zodiac" Knight
James Burrows isRoy Knight
Roy Knight
Hannah Rae isCourtney
Kim Matula isJeri-Lynn

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