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Unleash the hero withinJun. 19, 2003USA138 Min.PG-13
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Watch Hulk Streaming Online are you telling me you can make more like him no not yet i’ve sorted out a few pieces but it’s not like i can put together the same humpty dumpty if that’s what you’re asking he was a freak accident the goal is to do it better so banners i don’t know what you’ve got inside you already the mixture could be an abomination i didn’t say i was unwilling i just need informed consent and you’ve given it this is what i was trying to explain i don’t know what you’ve been ladling into yourself but clearly let’s assume you don’t understand a word i’m saying but if you’ll just get back on the table i can fix this sugar got two of our guys two of our guys blushing the major are still inside come on what is it zoning okay hey you you that’s impossible you get a hold of yourself young man you get it together what is your position 120 street heavy dogs on broadway turn us around we’re going back why are we going back damn it give me eyes down there yes sir no one of yours gonna hurt that come on you should i neutralize them they’ll do anything come on under control general I’ll let you know if we need you unacceptable unseat your asses down there immediately I want a full court evacuation now I’m shutting you down god damn it did you hear with the general sent I said down locked down the entire facility immediately target still moving towards below evacuate the main hall sending backup heavy weapons issue General Quarters gemination sir system readings a red line shut down all power to the main hall show them the way out would fight him outside everyone nobody’s home geez hello don’t you already action Channel and today we’re continuing with our Marvel movies for MCU so you’re on the second in the series be Incredible Hulk and I actually I showed you this one like years ago too but I don’t think you remember either so I owe me I’ve watched this one nine years ago I drove it see you in the know there’s a same thing Iron Man I had shown her a like years ago and then I think she remember a thing maybe like it going I remember something probably fairly dear diary I know mu 90s we’ve already seen Iron Man go check that out on our channel and then word you Iron Man to next because that’s them series so before we begin like and comment and check out my patreon in case you want the full length reaction to our incredible reaction so let’s let’s go uh-oh oh no we’re gonna go one of the Oh because although I’m gonna say no that’s not good hungry fuck you in the video baby don’t let me just add art thank god he’s dead dude don’t make yourself look so suspicious right now alright man you gotta be in shape for all that runnin I’m tired watching them I know right oh it’s heart rates getting up there yeah and wondering how he’s gonna get out of this or maybe he doesn’t I’m assuming he does but alright oh no that would kill him that probably just killed him oh oh no that did not kill him oh my god oh he’s bounced right off thank you oh my Watch Hulk Streaming Online oh he’s huge oh yeah you know I mean they may have so bad yeah Oh God forget ah geez terrifying he’s just like – dummy see what did they say you’re not going me when I’m hungry dude you and that’s why you’re supposed to Train come before yeah before he turns into the hope green Sasquatch be fast Watch Hulk Streaming Online that girl’s pants – I was just thinking that maybe he has like oh no pants wait oh no he’s no they’re ripped oh yeah if I could take what I know now put it in the body I had ten years ago that would be someone I could probably arrange something like no no messing around with serums a lot better in this buff up in the first place uh maybe don’t mess around with Super Soldier Serum a garnish right guys look so sketchy as I do triphenyl then I’m just thinking like wearing a baseball cap at the head down low it makes you look more suspicious I know right his walk was confident no one will question anything right they have all the different Hulk’s in there Oh Hulk he was one of the original oh I must have wiped him out completely yeah girl forget your other boyfriend yeah apparently doesn’t mean that much I love being separated Chuck do with something G listen serum come on in do the bone marrow bone ones are gonna hurt uh-oh got in the neck too oh they got strapped down for the bone ones uh-oh Mike they could have put him under or something I guess not oh yeah Thank You toys yep oh Watch Hulk Streaming Online look at them go oh my god Oh God you take up Oh pulls off now I’m gonna be splitting them right ready to hook out has she not seen his real I don’t think she knows it’s amazing I was like the bullets don’t faze them I mean the Mohegan annoyinG faking anything killable I don’t know oh there he goes I’m gonna push it back out Oh fry I just I just love dumbfounded look on the generals face dude oh how could he do that oh he’s pissed oh nice yeah guys oh oh oh come on a grabber and run while you idiot I know it’s your own daughter careful serum right I’m drugging noodles mister those drugs okay I can’t imagine the toys I would take on you fellows body’s not like all like I don’t see how a guitar boom is marked up Martin yeah the hook protects him yeah it’s like a shell mm-hmm yeah he isn’t having any bruises or like scrapes or marks herb or anything Nix yeah nothing don’t get your heart rate too excited though Oh Watch Hulk Streaming Online right I think the worst place to Hulk out if you’re like getting Lucy no snap oh dang self healing yeah that’s scary he’s not looking too good I know oh he’s looking like crap ah I see early I don’t think that’s good uh uh when your spine just coming on your back like that like uh some kind of like a creature or something you know yeah like rap monster yeah you look like what oh shit oh crap Oh the generals like am I seeing this Frankie oh gosh it’s angry yeah he’s just so dumbfounded well what choice do you have just all of us well then you have two big monsters running rampant around the city which would suck oh Watch Hulk Streaming Online no it’s suck I like what if you don’t change any don’t changed I guess thank you gosh yes oh oh oh there he is look he’s so nasty yeah Lisa has it’s just cheap and fun Ryan’s just begging dream the other guy is just so nasty I know it’s a nice breeze gets to keep his hair oh now I see why it’s Hulk smash oh oh hope getting a beating right folks getting smashed yeah oh here’s the Hulk smash there is smashing some cars the other area Oh Oh oh my god wow that’s impressive there you go there you can’t ah it’s two words oh my god oh my god I just choked him already started terribly me but just get rid of him he’s not wanted something about the channel telling you the general is dumped hard to hit each other are the best thing of the movie yeah I guess he just tired now I don’t know well I guess I was getting choked ah are you trying to control it oh yeah bring it on bite well together I just said a boy yeah our discussion time so fully begin so at the beginning when Bruce was in Portugal and though TV Brazil Brazil sorry yeah I know it’s a good easy Portuguese he was watching the TV yeah and that guy came up yeah that was like fathers knows best or something baby the guy that that was the original Bruce in the original Hulk uh-huh from where in Latino year no like seventies a yeah the TV show uh-huh it was TV show and there’s a he was the original Bruce uh-huh and then the Lou Ferrigno guy who was who had played the Herick the Hulk piece yeah so it was a real person that played the hole we just beeped him up and then the other guy was the bruise gotcha oh and then this TV series guy Sharon from like back like 67 teases whatever it was I don’t know when it was me they’d have to look well let us know when the that TV show I’m assuming what couldn’t went that I mean seventies eighties right not okay let’s say 70s or 80s being thought this was me what back in 2009 ish it’s about good 10 years ago I’m thinking maybe 70s or 80s in that the whole TV show was out now that Larry’s not yeah so it’s kinda cool how they had the two people hello deliver a reference yeah like him to do that yeah it’s same thing like now he’s do their Stan Lee cameo Stan Lee he was one of the creators of all these comics and he he was in this one he was gonna drink from the bottle uh and therefore jr. yeah so he’s mister camera cuz the Iron Man he was at a party and he was the one that Tony was like hey house he was talking to remember so so he’s half yes but it always makes it a little bit oh no you all have to say hooyah velvet yeah so I’ll point them out for now on yeah he always makes a cameo yeah he just passed away like not too long ago um and so he won’t really be in any new ones upcoming would you say but yeah so this one yeah you have a hawk yeah sorry the general space show Express because you kept looking like this he’s just like oh my god it’s like dude I know I get it like it’s so happening in our world where we’d all be like holy crap but it isn’t funny um I know yeah yeah so what was it neo Blanc yeah I think his character is the abomination is the name mmm buzzer mr. blue said it would be an abomination oh yeah I suppose to be caller I think whoops gotcha um yeah sorry and nasty so wonder like what you did with it what they did with him I don’t know does he come up later and send me other shows oh you’re not gonna tell me okay you have to well no no he doesn’t well these people might know if they’ve seen those the other shows but yeah I mean yeah oh yeah well because like his neck I thought see okay so for good I can’t remember everything that happens in these threes I forget my pores neck his head off ah buh honk do it we’ll just hear me that’s like that’s my stuff I know it’s pg-13 they probably went that’s probably too gruesome for me so she’s super her movies right you and they have a lot of what a little kids do you watch these music right it’s gonna be so graphic all right um so I get it so I thought he was gonna choke him that was gonna kill him because I honest-to-god couldn’t remember happens you yeah for obvious reason because we don’t know what happened to ya I don’t miss you revert back to his original self yeah I’m a drink I’m like whiskey just so exhausted from Ole Miss game his neck put off he just was laying there like comatose like he wasn’t fighting yeah buddy he remembered stuff like you see my talk the Hulk where he managed like you couldn’t talk at all but he managed to say Hulk smashed and then Benny right so maybe when he got that serum stuff in them it’ll help trigger some of the he’s still in there a little bit now more than he used to be not totally the other guy was in there oh yeah but till then again he had the other stuff in him first yeah he had the super serious Super Soldier Serum who see that fight ends fast and then he got the Hulk stuff yeah yeah so so the general and he was so generous I guess that’s it so he was in use explain to me about the original super swords it’s pretty tough to say to say the SS the SSI Super Soldier Serum whore after this except yeah he said was me back in the 40s mm-hmm and then then recently Watch Hulk Streaming Online they were trying to recreated that’s like what I think Bruce and them that’s what he was working out but the general didn’t tell it was a weapon that he wanted to use it as well right right so that I think they’re trying to recreate it yeah yeah Indiana so now and now Bruce is Justin hiding his isolation trying to control it seem like he maybe had some glasses right oh we’re trying to gain more control I guess once you realize that right am i learning to try to live with it know it and understand it and live by myself right bring it on when I want to bring it on not have it just come on when it wants to come on good point yeah and yeah poor breeze no more sex with him no and not just Watch Hulk Streaming Online live by himself that’s depressing yeah um yeah and then Tony showed up at the end yeah he toys gonna rise he’s like hey yo putting together a team hello generally we segment it toge do some look like you don’t know yeah I mean we it’s called The Avengers Parisi so yeah and yeah and I guess the last thing I think I thought fantastic tracked me up how much I’m Betty just like forgot her other boyfriend Matt you know now that Bruce’s bag okay sorry food Dunphy screw you man okay yeah alrighty so yeah that’s all my thoughts um yeah so well so much Iron Man to Nexus that’s the next one in the series so these book so this obviously is gonna come out on Saturday it’s me Saturday you guys are watching this and I’ll post autumn and see you on Sunday right away yeah so you can expect when I’m seeing reactions on the weekends for the time being and well continued walking dead reactions and finish up Vikings and we were talking about it and maybe thinking about doing Breaking Bad maybe what you’re talking about because I just know a lot of people been asking and asking and asking do not forget to subscribe like comment and share and just me turn the notification but you put me know I spent tonight so have you guys know when I post new videos since I’ll be close to trying to post anyway one each day to you know give you guys more content right so also check out my patreon and in case you wants a full-length reaction Watch Hulk Streaming Online to all of our MC reactions and also all the other movie to do and I’ll get the TV shows and all that stuff so go check that out my patreon link to the description box and in the comment section I doubt it so I have a beautiful night you.

Watch Hulk Streaming Online
Watch Hulk Streaming Online
Watch Hulk Streaming Online
Watch Hulk Streaming Online
Watch Hulk Streaming Online
Original title Hulk
IMDb Rating 5.6 248,369 votes
TMDb Rating 5.5 3,928 votes


Ang Lee


Eric Bana isBruce Banner / Hulk
Bruce Banner / Hulk
Sam Elliott isThaddeus E.
Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross
Josh Lucas isGlenn Talbot
Glenn Talbot
Nick Nolte isThe Father
The Father
Paul Kersey isYoung David Banner
Young David Banner
Cara Buono isEdith Banner
Edith Banner
Todd Tesen isYoung Ross
Young Ross
Celia Weston isMrs. Krensler
Mrs. Krensler

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