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Escape The ApocalypseJul. 15, 2020South Korea114 Min.Not Rated
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When Train to Busan was released in 2016, the film gained popularity from all over the world. This fast-paced, heart-pumping zombie film is 118 mins of heaven for the fans of the zombie genre. The characters are interesting and charming, the zombies are terrifying, and it keeps the viewers constantly on the edge of their seats. The film feels refreshing in the over-polluted zombie genre. It was a commercial success and received mostly positive receptions from the critics. Four years later, its standalone sequel, Peninsula, was released.

Peninsula is set in the apocalyptic zombie-ridden world. However, the plot tells a different story and is not the continuation of the previous film. The story starts with Jong-seok, a marine captain who is driving is his family to a ship leaving South Korea. On the road, a family signals them to stop and asks for a hitch, but he refuses and drives away. During a zombie attack in the ship, Jung-seok unwillingly decides to leave his family behind and stops Chul-min, her brother in law, from entering the ship.

Four years later, in Hong Kong, Jung-seok, Chul-min, and two other Koreans are informed about a mission that requires them to return to a quarantined peninsula in Incheon and retrieve a food truck that contains millions of dollars in cash. They successfully find the truck, but the mission goes awry when they are ambushed by rogue militia during their journey to the port.

Peninsula not only differs from its predecessor in terms of story but also in terms of tone and theme. The zombies do not seem like it is the main threat anymore. The movie slightly mimics the Mad Max “eat or be eaten” world. However, it does not fully crank up the cynicism, as some moments in here still mirror the charm of the original. However, the tension does not feel as palpable as Train to Busan.

Train to Busan is very effective in increasing adrenaline due to its confined setting and faster pace. The quality of character development in Peninsula is also a decline from Train to Busan, with some characters fall into several horror clichés and feel derivative. This does not mean that Peninsula does not have any good thrills at all; the zombies are still scary and threatening. There are also several great action scenes and exhilarating moments.

Peninsula might be a step down from its predecessor, but it is still fun and entertaining for most of its running time. It has a plentiful amount of action, exciting set pieces, and thrilling zombie attacks. If you’re looking for a zombie movie to watch, Peninsula is a proper choice.

Watch Peninsula Streaming Online, At the point when Train to Busan hit theaters, it turned into a thrilling hit for the correct reasons. It figures out how to turn into a pleasant blockbuster yet with brilliant social discourse and enthusiastic minutes that (I have to concede) made me cry. after 4 years, Peninsulathe continuationhit the performance centers with high desire yet neglect to arrive at the stature of its forerunner as it falls into the standard spinoff snare.

4 years after the occasions of Train to Busan, a previous marine, JungSeok (Gang Dongwon) must return and recover something at nowrelinquished Korea so as to be acknowledged by the general public external their country. I truly acknowledge how they adopted another strategy to the zombie spinoffs with another setting. Nonetheless, greater doesn’t generally mean better as the worldbuilding needed the idea subtleties of that never arrive at the pressure felt in its forerunner.

Maybe the above explanation can’t be fault because of its little yet significant segment: characters. Countless characters additionally brought about less screentime, making it difficult to have top to bottom compassion for the characters. The characters additionally felt level with its twodimensional character, making it difficult for the characters to be affable in any event, when the entertainers have given their best to depict them. Accordingly, it needs enthusiastic connection and even panics to convey.

All things considered, I can’t deny on what amount engaging Peninsula has to bring to the table. Yeon Sang-ho’s utilization of camerawork and how he coordinates the activity arrangement make the film watchable. I ideally like the primary pursue scene with zombies and the endurance game. The endurance game particularly, truly exhibits his course with his onetake.

The visual style could be esteemed as remarkable also, demonstrating relinquished Korea as filthy and disorganized at this point delightfully attractive. In spite of the fact that I have to state that the CG in its vehicle scene is amazingly unpleasant that you by one way or another looking all the more a computer game than a true to life Film.

Generally speaking, Peninsula is would never arrive at its antecedent quality as a savvy blockbuster with a high enthusiastic level. Nonetheless, its amusement esteem, assuming nearly, could in any case arrive at what it had left 4 years back. Simply don’t anticipate that an excess of should think carefully and have a great time as you visit Peninsula.

Permitting this film to air on the big screen, is an out and out affront to the watchers. This is a good for nothing, common example of draining a fruitful film (Train to Busan) into a poorspinoff“.

I can compose a book about the plot openings, inconsistensies and the films being unimaginable for the watchers to suspend their skepticism to pay attention to it.

There are broadened portions of painfuly restless youngster/little child team. Where they trade jokes and run over tainted in apolishedway. At the same time they hammer into different vehicles while floating and granulate against building/vehicles anime style. At the same time, without supporting as much as a scratch to the vehicle’s paint, and not so much as a sprinkle of blood

Far and away superior, almost 1/fourth of the film is made out of these EXTREMELY terrible quality CGI segments and vehicle pursues (yippee?). For reasons unknown these scenes overwhelm most of the film.

This is all so (stunningly ?) Integrated with a staggering measure of EXTENDEDtragicslow movement shots ofemotionalcircumstance about immature characters that you were unable to think less about, passing on ornearlybiting the dust however being spared finally. Rambostyle by the strong principle hero.

This film is absolute refuse, incredibly so. I can’t remember the last time where I had such a mindboggling inclination, to stomp out of the theater, and request a discount.

Offer your an enormous kindness and evade this projectile that I took for you. Maintain a strategic distance from THIS MOVIE. Try not to stress, the name aside, this film has NOTHING to do with Train to Busan. So you are not passing up a major opportunity.

Watch Peninsula Streaming Online
Watch Peninsula Streaming Online
Watch Peninsula Streaming Online
Watch Peninsula Streaming Online
Original title 반도
IMDb Rating 6.0 2,085 votes
TMDb Rating 6.1 40 votes


Yeon Sang-ho


Kang Dong-won isJung-seok
Lee Re isJoon
Kwon Hae-hyo isElder Kim
Elder Kim
Kim Min-jae isSergeant Hwang
Sergeant Hwang
Koo Kyo-hwan isCaptain Seo
Captain Seo
Kim Do-yoon isChul-min

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