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Heroes come in all different colors.Mar. 02, 2011USA107 Min.PG
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Watch Rango Streaming Online ey my I could be anyone which is your daddy’s cooking exactly where did you say you’re from me I’m from the west brom we kill a man before breakfast just to work up an appetite and we salt and we pepper him and we braise him in clarified butter and then it’ll change me oh yeah had a few extra phases in this deck yes it’s the way I like it say I’m what he’ll was already raised up names Rango Oh seven of them that’s right exactly how you do that mr. winner because this is where it gets two goats in this week no credit but this year is a bank is where you keep the water means you’ve been Watch Rango Streaming Online like a nice day mr. mayor man are you all right this is the reserve I don’t know if you’ve noticed but just they make a deposit on a Wednesday no more mr. dumping water in the desert I see with my own eyes was this they just can’t make it well what am I supposed to do I suppose we could talk to the mayor I hear he’s been helping people out in this time of crisis no girl instantly vaporizing his bodily form leaving nothing but a charcoal statue and a half pitch squeeze washing your face in this town again I’m gonna slice it off what are you old go pee dance I ain’t afraid of human-rated Betty you killed them Jenkins brothers done it with one bullet bill Oh and if you don’t want to reconsider I might consider reconsidering myself yeah all right now listen up things are gonna be different around here now that rangos in town got new rule I want my shoeshine every morning Lisa telling that Burt what forward when you see me coming stand aside I take large steps 9:01 than you hayseeds getting your bodily fluids what’s he doing now I think it’s a number two [Applause] [Applause] Watch Rango Streaming Online I think it’s time he met them stranger busks in the adulation of his new friends sinking deeper into the Waccamaw layer of his own deception the mayor will see you now there’s life look at them so desperate to live they’ll follow it anywhere that’s the immutable the West as you are this is from my private stock vintage rainwater from the villages you make a good point son but with privilege comes responsibility you see them mr. Rango all my friends and they they believe is going to be better they believe that the water will come they believe against all odds and all evidence system pick it up mr. Rango your destiny awaits dude is everything ready yeah but he won’t be a problem he’s not a problem William Watch Rango Streaming Online he’s a solution oh no need to incite anxiety I’ll inquire about the mayor but you really feel there’s some conspiracy excuse me sheriff Rango I want to talk to means what do you think of the new duds I got a ten gallon hat marked down from 15 oh you want the old John Hancock this is a social call about this afternoon order myself some rest and everything to shake fish is your real name I’m trying to save my daddy’s rage when she’s on the verge of an agricultural meltdown why are you playing bobble reflex switch just broken well that’s an inconvenience I did it again didn’t uh Watch Rango Streaming Online last last year um for me where’s everybody going it’s a heck of a hoedown you got going so we’re gonna have those steps so is this considered normal civic behavior mm-hmm every Wednesday Jake Jake mr. Rango he never comes to town cuz he’s a scared about hot but he might come now have your boots when you’re dead Oh ain’t got no problem with this rattlesnake Jake I welcome you to our great day of deliverance Watch Rango Streaming Online [Applause] where I come from we call this improvisation may I present Madame Lupo’s terpsichorean troupe of traveling investments normally the way you shoot an animated movie is well it’s only four sounds so you’re in a very sterile booth with no one to play opposite except the director and so it’s a very isolating experience suspend your disbelief and experience entertainments tragical historical and biling what we’re doing on this project that’s different is we’ve got all the actors together ensemble interacting with one another kind of trying to get that magic that happens when the actors are together so we’re getting a lot of improv and interesting accidents and things that you don’t get in a recording studio with a single actor your gun shot and this give me three seconds of animation is not a genre it’s a technique for telling a story so why abandon the things Watch Rango Streaming Online that you know you’ve kind of relied on and your career we’re making a film you’ve got everybody on set and everybody gets on their game because there’s another actor and they’re reacting to each other Brendon what are you saying Oh too late no no I’ll do it I’m willing watch me blend I’m a blender Boop hey hey what are you doing I’m ready Oh been somewhere else pretty soon resume reading our children you’re do you lose some stuff well camera wise there are you gonna be I thought maybe it’d feel brinson maybe turn it a little bit more round there’s a camera right can you go to pot you guys go to the hole as long as that sign says Sheriff you can believe that there’s law and order in this town but without law in order ruminate on that oh yeah starts out slow like a fungus someone says a cross word accusations start flying never turns on neighbor pretty soon we’re eating our children dogs and cats are getting together to create all sorts of unnatural Watch Rango Streaming Online mutant aberrations Oh there’s no need and then he turns on you we put you in your place it’s not like it would be actually if we were filming a scene per se but I think it’s probably very helpful as a matter of fact I had the pleasure of meeting one of our animators on the set one day and he was very sure about it the need for that we’re gonna play this thing normally what we do is would film ourselves doing various scenes and use that as reference but if we can reference Johnny Depp’s behavior and the works that he has I mean it’s just gonna help the animation Watch Rango Streaming Online so much more it’s gonna fall in the character instead of motion capture it’s kind of a motion capture you get back on in there and you assert yourself and I think you’ll find the people of this here town to be surprisingly Hospital I stand corrected once it’s to Gore is it kind of the best description of it as kind of like being on The Carol Burnett Show or hee haw or something which one of you fellers needs a check-up Gore and Johnny have no reservations about playing and it sort of fries everyone out but gives us permission to really physical eyes and vocalize the lives of these characters times when you sort of come out of character and think wow I’m acting opposite Johnny Depp but but Johnny’s such a professional and he puts he so at ease and he’s so gregarious and ingratiating that um he’s just made the whole process feel just really easy only takes one but you ain’t got than mr. lovely to work with Johnny Johnny’s a gentleman he’s a charming guy’s a funny guy he’s incredibly smart and clever as an actor good thing I brought some backup Wow he’s also you know as a leading man he’s very welcoming and generous and now he owes me dinner I hear you’ve been telling all about how you killed them Jenkins brothers with one bullet one man haha been that right I will take your soul straight down to from working with Johnny on Pirates and talking about how the lizard going I let him talk describing scenes to him and having done three movies with Johnny it was really interesting to try to think about what he would do with the character choleric varmints ain’t a dysfunctional family need intervention everyone’s here Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher and Ned Beatty and Harry Dean Watch Rango Streaming Online Stanton who I got to meet yesterday which was a thrill kind of in a funny way wish it was going to take us longer our part of it might be done before I wish it was cuz I really enjoyed the people I met on this cell no that’s what I’m talking about such an amazing cast for people who will never be seen.

Watch Rango Streaming Online
Watch Rango Streaming Online
Watch Rango Streaming Online
Watch Rango Streaming Online
Watch Rango Streaming Online
Watch Rango Streaming Online
Original title Rango
IMDb Rating 7.2 230,500 votes
TMDb Rating 6.7 4,269 votes



Johnny Depp isRango (voice)
Rango (voice)
Isla Fisher isBeans (Voice)
Beans (Voice)
Ned Beatty isTortoise John (voice)
Tortoise John (voice)
Bill Nighy isRattlesnake Jake (voice)
Rattlesnake Jake (voice)
Alfred Molina isRoadkill (Voice)
Roadkill (Voice)
Abigail Breslin isPriscilla (Voice)
Priscilla (Voice)
Claudia Black isAngelique (voice)
Angelique (voice)
Timothy Olyphant isThe Spirit of the West (voice)
The Spirit of the West (voice)
Ray Winstone isBad Bill (voice)
Bad Bill (voice)
Stephen Root isDoc / Merrimack / Mr. Snuggles (voice)
Doc / Merrimack / Mr. Snuggles (voice)

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