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Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p

Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p

A story about the secret of this world that only I and she know.Jul. 19, 2019Japan112 Min.PG-13
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Weathering with You, Makoto Shinkai’s latest film, The film is back on the big screen. Weathering With You is Makoto’s work after Your Name, which has succeeded in becoming an epidemic in the world with a total income of US $ 360 in total.

Through Your Name, Makoto Shinkai became one of the most successful anime makers after Hayao Miyazaki, the maker of Studio Ghibli films such as Spiritied Away and Princess Mononoke several years ago.

That is what makes Weathering With You one of the most anticipated films, especially for anime fans.

Just like Your Name, through Weathering With You Makoto Shinkai tells the story of a boy and girl who seem destined to be together, more than just friends.

Weathering With You began with Hodaka’s presence in Tokyo after running away from home for reasons explained. The flight did not go smoothly due to economic and personal problems. This made him live in the Kabukicho district. There he met Hina.

Hina is an orphan who lives with her younger brother, Nagi. Hina turned out to have super powers after visiting an abandoned shrine before. It is able to restore sunlight when the weather is cloudy, even rainstorms.

Over time, Hodaka became an apprentice at a magazine that focused on discussing cults. There, he found groups that were abusing Hina’s abilities.
Synopsis of ‘Weathering With You’: The Love Story of a Weather Expert Teenager Photo: doc CoMix Wave Films
Nothing is free in this world. There is a price to pay when Hina uses her power. Hina and Hodaka’s relationship began to get disturbed because of that.

Makoto Shinkai still uses some of the characteristics of his films such as teenage emotional play, the sci-fi genre, the mystical scent of Shinto and a mixture of the real world and the unreal.

Weathering With You has been broadcasting in Japan since July 19. Several big artists such as Shun Oguri, Kotaro Daigo and Nana Mori became voice actors of the film that got rid of the Hollywood film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. The film also remained at the top of the box office for three consecutive weeks.

The film distributor Toho said Weathering With You had a bigger debut number than Makoto’s previous work, Your Name.

You can watch Weathering With You in Indonesia on August 21 at the Cinemaxx and CGV cinema networks. It still remains in the memory of how Makoto Shinkai ravaged the hearts of Japanese film lovers with the film Your Name. While we are still struggling to move on from Taki and Mitsuha, Makoto Shinkai is ready to tear our hearts with his latest film, Tenki no Ko. The release of Tenki no Ko or Weathering with You is eagerly awaited! Will the story of this film be as good as its predecessor? Come on, let’s find out together the full synopsis of Weathering with You here!

The film that you can watch on CGV since August 21, 2019, can answer your longing with a light story spiked with sci-fi. As we know, Makoto Shinkai is indeed his god in packaging a simple story into a masterpiece film. Make sure to watch it with your friends so you can confuse congregation at the cinema!

Full Synopsis of Weathering with You: The Birth of the Sunshine Girl

The Latest Makoto Shinkai Movies 2019

Hina Amano is an ordinary 15-year-old girl who is looking after her mother in the hospital. Hina’s normal life changes 180 degrees after she experiences a supernatural event. When he looked at the hospital window, he saw a scene beyond reason.

Even though it was raining heavily and cloudy at that time, there was an old building that was still bright under the light from the sky. Surprisingly, the light from the sky only shone on the top of the building. Hina immediately left the hospital and came to the building she had just seen. Unexpectedly, there was a torii or red shrine gate at the top of the building!

Weathering with You Hina

Hina then stepped forward through the temple gate and began to say a prayer. When he closed his eyes, suddenly supernatural things happened. He teleported into another world above the sky. He can fly in the air like a fish swimming in water. From then on, Hina was born into a girl who can stop the rain or Sunshine Girl or 100% Sunny Girl!

Once Upon a Time in Tokyo, Hodaka Tasked to “Hunt” 100% Sunny Girl!

He is still 16 years old, but Hodaka is desperate to run away from home to Tokyo. Not yet arriving in Tokyo, the ferry he was in was hit by heavy rain. Hodaka almost fell into the sea if only one passenger named Keisuke couldn’t save him. Before leaving, Keisuke gave a business card to Hodaka.

As we thought, life in Tokyo is very harsh. Hodaka became homeless and lived in an internet café and ate instant noodles to make a living. Finally, he went to Keisuke to ask for a job.

Keisuke hired Hodaka as an assistant writer for a local magazine covering spiritual topics. Uniquely, Hodaka got the task to investigate the rumors of the existence of the Sunshine Girl a.k.a Hina Amano. Does the girl who can stop the rain really exist?

Maybe this has become God’s way of outlining destiny. Even though he is caught in a difficult and dilemma, he accidentally meets Hina. At that time, Hina who worked at McDonalds gave Hodaka a burger out of pity. From here, their love story begins.

Tenki no Ko Makoto Shinkai 2019

The film’s story enters its climax, when Hodaka saves Hina from two strangers who force her to work at a club. Hina’s mother died and she had to support herself and her younger sister named Nagi.

When Hina was forced to enter the club, Hodaka grabbed Hina’s hand and fled together. Unfortunately, they were caught up and Hodaka was badly beaten. Until finally, Hodaka took out the gun he had previously found among the pile of trash. Sure enough, Hodaka fired a shot which made the two strangers unfazed.

They do survive, but more complicated problems await. Who owns the firearm? Must be more curious, right? After that incident, Hina also reveals her biggest secret that she is the Sunshine Girl!

Hodaka, Hina, and Nagi also work together to open a weather manipulation service. They accept orders via online to stop the rain as requested. Hina has served many requests without knowing the consequences it will face.

The fate of a girl who can manipulate the weather
Tenki no Ko Makoto Shinkai

If the United States has a Cullen family who has the ability to read minds and see the future, Japan also has a Hina Amano who can manipulate the weather! With this super power, Hina can become a hero who can make people smile. Instead of saving the world, this super ability actually threatens the existence of the city of Tokyo, you know! How come?

Investigate it, this super ability has consequences, you know! When Hodaka gave the ring and expressed his feelings, Hina revealed her big secret. If Hina remained in the world, it would always rain in that area. He is a sacrifice so that the sun will shine back in Tokyo. Tokyo is in danger of sinking and will be covered by dark clouds continuously if Hina lives with Hodaka. Like it or not, Hina must go to the world above the sky.

What’s more, his body would become transparent whenever he tried to stop the rain. Hina advised Hodaka to take care of his younger brother if he disappeared someday. After a heartbreaking love confession, Hina disappears the next day.

Not having had the chance to save Hina, Hodaka and Nagi were arrested by the police for possession of firearms and ran away from home. Suddenly, the ring that Hodaka gave to Hina, fell from the sky. Hodaka also believes that Hina has gone to another world that is above the sky.

Despite the dangers threatening Tokyo, Hodaka continues to search for Hina. With great difficulty, Hodaka managed to reach the torii that connected the normal world and the world above the clouds, where Hina was. Hodaka broke through the limit and fell from the sky at high speed. Hina, who heard Hodaka’s voice, also jumped off a cloud island to pursue Hodaka. Hodaka also expressed his feeling that he didn’t care if the rain would continue to fall in Tokyo, as long as he could be with Hina.

Weathering with You Ends Sweet?
Ending Weathering with You Tenki no Ko

Three years have passed since the two lovebirds separated. Hina lived in Tokyo, while Hodaka was sent back to his hometown. Over time, Tokyo was surrounded by water because it was hit by the rain that never stopped. Trains are no longer operating and ships are the main mode of transportation. Hina did return to the world, but Tokyo was about to sink.

After Hodaka graduated from high school, he decided to return to Tokyo. Hodaka meets a grandmother who previously used Hina’s weather services. From his point of view, Tokyo had not disappeared at all. However, Tokyo will return to an ocean like it was hundreds of years ago.

Then, can Hodaka and Hina be united after having lost contact for 3 years? Wow, must be curious about the ending Weathering wih You, right? If you want to know the ending, watch it in theaters !! I guarantee you will be hysterical because the character Your Name cameo in this film, you know !!!!!! Hopefully this full synopsis of Weathering with You is useful. 

Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Weathering with You Watch Full Movie 1080p
Original title 天気の子
IMDb Rating 7.6 15,659 votes
TMDb Rating 8.1 543 votes



Kotaro Daigo isHodaka Morishima (voice)
Hodaka Morishima (voice)
Nana Mori isHina Amano (voice)
Hina Amano (voice)
Tsubasa Honda isNatsumi Suga (voice)
Natsumi Suga (voice)
Sakura Kiryu isNagisa Amano (voice)
Nagisa Amano (voice)
Sei Hiraizumi isYasui (voice)
Yasui (voice)
Yūki Kaji isTakai (voice)
Takai (voice)
Chieko Baisho isFumi Tachibana (voice)
Fumi Tachibana (voice)
Shun Oguri isKeisuke Suga (voice)
Keisuke Suga (voice)
Sumi Shimamoto isMamiya (voice)
Mamiya (voice)
Ryohei Kimura isKimura (voice)
Kimura (voice)

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